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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Kamala My House, White House, I'm Gonna Give-a You Maple Tree


Add women, change politics. The world needs more Canada. Because it's 2020.

Wait a sec, what's Joe Biden's precedent-setting pick of Kamala Harris as his VP got to do with the #cdnpoli world?

Betcha didn't know, she's a Montrealer by extension. (Cue Donald Trump to demand she produce her birth certificate proving she's not, in fact, related to Justin Castreau.)

Kamala's classmates at Westmount High School are no doubt once again cheering the ascendancy of their fellow alum, just as they did when she announced her bid for the top job.

And apparently they feel a little more enthusiastic about Westmount joining the ranks alongside Jean-de-Brebeuf, which has produced.... some other leaders you might have heard of.

In the yearbook photo of the 1981 graduating class at Westmount High School near Montreal, the left hand of a beaming Kamala Harris is resting on the right shoulder of Hugh Kwok.

When Kwok was asked in December [of 2018] for his thoughts on his old pal’s [then-]potential run, he answered a reporter’s question with a question.

“She’s running for president of what?” he asked in a tone that suggested he thought the answer might be the local Rotary Club.

Informed that it was the presidency of the United States, his voice rose. “No way. Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it,” he said. Then he decided he was supportive of this idea.

“We could use a good president,” he said. “She was a sweet, kind person. Very happy, very social. I’m just very excited for her, if that’s what she wants to do with her life.”

It is now possible that Westmount, the 145-year-old public school where singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen and hockey legend Art Ross also studied, will produce a U.S. president before it produces a Canadian prime minister.

She didn't make it this go-around, but since Joe has said he's only going to stick around for one term... there's always 2024.

And with Biden's campaign manager and top advisor, Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, being a veteran of two Team Trudeau campaigns (who he brought on from Obama's...), a Biden presidency is going to get a whole lot more Canada, because everybody knows the world needs more Canada.

(As a bonus, today's news takes some focus off the insufferable scandal-mongering that the Cons and their enablers are still trying to foment about the stupid Clinton Cash thing. Perhaps this will give some Canadians a bit of nostalgic perspective on how well the Trudeau government worked with Obama, and cause them to give a big old "nope" to any thought of Cons being the ones to receive the new administration.)

I hope all the stars finally align and that 2021 produces another Great Reset: not just for U.S./Canada relations but arguably the most adorable co-ed cross-border diplomatic double-date the continent has ever known. Biden/Harris, and Trudeau/Freeland.

Never let it be forgot, that once again there can be a spot, that is known as... Canalot.

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Nature is Healing... WE Was a Virus


It's still too early to be definitive, but Justin Trudeau's mini-Benghazi testimony appears to have closed off the attention from the wee non-scandal, much to my surprise.

Early returns show a Liberal bounce-back. Nanos never had them tank the way others did, and Leger didn't juice their survey with push poll questions this time, though they're still keeping true to their roots by oversampling the Bloc.

The fun and interesting part is that same survey showed that Petey Mac-n-Cheese and Error O'Foole actually perform no better than Andy Pander did. See because, the Liberals may fuck up from time to time, but it's usually with good intentions because they don't hate people, like the Conservatives do.

Or as Frank Graves pointed out, like the Conservatives hate democracy.

As evidenced further by their virulent attacks on private citizens like Rob Silver and Margaret Trudeau.

Then, there's the Carney ride. Bill Morneau does seem to be en route to taking his own walk in the snow (or autumn leaves), and not only because of Charitygate but other points of disagreement. Charitygate just seems to have been the final push. Which poses the question of who might replace him. Might Justin go for the on-brand precedent-setter of having Chrystia Freeland be the first female finance minister, because it's 2020? Jean-Yves Duclos as a "safe bet" to shore up Quebec?

Or would Mark Carney run in a safe seat being opened up... only to compete against Skippy in the next election?

Reddit seems to have that same thought:


[His riding] was redistricted after 2011 and Pollievre has struggled to hold onto it since then. He only won by 3k and 5k against a relative nobody Liberal since then...

.... while outspending the relative nobody candidate massively (by more than the amount spend by all the other campaigns combined). It is a classic Red-Orange split vote riding with the combined NDP Liberal crushing him every election.

If Pollievre were up against Mark Carney he'd need a miracle to win. It is a highly educated riding... and it isn't rural, it is suburban.

Because if he did, and he won, well by God... I'd have no choice but to do the Carleton dance.

It'd be a big deal to run a star candidate against a Conservative chihuahua... but it's not unusual.

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Monday, August 10, 2020

Add Women... Deranged Politics


Another ugly day in #cdnpoli as more venom is spewed towards Liberal Party politician,s while the garbage media feeds their incitement by focusing on fake "scandals" and whistling past the graveyard.

This latest incident — coming just a little over a month after the heavily armed "sausage maker" was fluffed off after his assassination attempt against the prime minister — seems to have had an effect.
Ottawa police tell CTV News they are investigating an incident at the local constituency office of Ottawa Centre Liberal MP Catherine McKenna.

Police said the incident happened at around 10:30 a.m. Aug. 6, at the office on Catherine Street in Ottawa's Centretown neighbourhood.

Police would not say exactly what the incident was, but a video surfaced on social media over the weekend of a man recording himself visiting the office and being told it is closed due to COVID-19. He then proceeds to yell obscenities at the office staffer before walking away.

That would be this video where the misogynistic domestic terrorist calls McKenna a cunt multiple times, and accuses her and her staffers of protecting "Liberal pedophiles" who "stole money from starving kids in Africa." He goes on to accuse Justin Trudeau of making his mother rich.

Um, and where might he have gotten those ideas? Maybe from Andrew Scheer talking about Trudeau's "access to youth" and from Jesse Brown and the rest of #cdnmedia who fostered the idea of "Liberal corruption"?

McKenna says, of course, that she wants to "work across party lines" to stop this from happening. I wish she wouldn't, because there's no denying at this point that it is overwhelmingly Conservative voters and Conservative ideology fostering this hatred and deceit.

When another crackpot wanted to "citizen's arrest" Justin Trudeau for SNC-Lavalin, who promulgated that conspiracy theory? The Globe & Mail. Who is now promulgating the conspiracy theory that Katie Telford and Rob Silver are "stealing" from taxpayers to enrich themselves? The Globe & Mail.

I don't ever want to hear again that it's "only" so-called "fringe" outlets promulgating hatred against the Liberal party or the prime minister or MPs or cabinet ministers or that "Liberal Twitter" is just as toxic. Bothsiderism is the refuge of a scoundrel, and that's what #cdnmedia and #cdnpoli has devolved to. Oh, we mustn't dare say that Conservatives are responsible for this, because that's partisan and divisive and deflects from holding the government of the day accountable.

Wrong. There is nothing to conservatism writ large besides profiting off hate. Anyone who calls out someone for saying so is gaslighting, pure and simple. The Conservative Party and its offshoots are hate groups, full stop. They should be disbanded and barred from holding elected office by legal injunction. Only Conservatives are the ones who say that Liberals should be banned from Parliament by extrajudicial means, in other words, execution. I have never seen a Liberal supporter want to plow their vehicle into Stornoway and make mince meat of Andrew Scheer. (He's more like cheese and whine anyway.)

When I say it's having an effect, though, I mean this:

Again hedging on the hypothetical that Justin Trudeau makes an early exit, it'd be because of this. Not because he is guilty of any wrongdoing, but because the cards are stacked against him and the level of hatred riled up by the MSM-online complex has become insurmountable to overcome.

The problem is that a hypothetical PM Chrystia Freeland could end up facing just the same or worse.

Changing horses for the Liberal Party won't stop the drumbeat of hate.

The Conservative Party needs to change. The problem is it can't — the psychology of conservatism itself is what allows for this to happen. It's the "respectable" conservatives who might even be more dangerous, because they're willing to turn a blind eye to this or hand-wave about a general "lack of civility" not unique to their side, as long as they get tax cuts and other economic frameworks favourable to their pet industries and investments. They'll adopt the Jordan Peterson whataboutery defence that having to use transgender people's preferred pronouns in forms of address is discriminatory and totalitarian, to get "smug liberals" to "understand" that their "dogmatic approach" to "wokeness" is upsetting to "ordinary taxpayers." (Their hard-left equivalents will call it "identity politics" that obfuscates "class cronyism" or some such.) No matter the facts, only the outcome matters: ejecting Liberals by any means possible. A little light terrorism is fine as long as the carbon tax goes away.

I guess if Catherine McKenna doesn't want to be called "cunt," she should, er... stop letting Justin Trudeau steal money from WE Charity to enrich his mother and buy trafficked kids from Nambia for use as his sex slaves? Or to make a blackface skin suit from their flesh? In what world is that in the realm of reality?

The answer is it isn't, and it's a growing threat to national security. But good luck trying to get the partisan hacks of the #cdnmedia to address QAnon as a foreboding reality, let alone their complicity in fostering it.

I am not encouraging violence. But maybe some of these junk journos need a visit from a sausage handler in order to take this threat seriously and realize what they've done. Then again, they'd probably just say he was radicalized by Liberal Twitter.

Don't say Hillary didn't warn you.

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I Heard a Rumour


Breaking news out of the stock ticker and the National Enquirer: Justin Trudeau announces he's leaving office and getting engaged to Mark Carney after Sophie ran off with Ed the Sock.

Well, no, that's not actually the case. But I'm sure Bob Fife and Marieke Walsh are on the case and Skippy Poilievre will demand ten thousand committee inquiries into a sole-sourced prenup agreement.

What's actually happened just now is that Trudeau has brought Carney aboard his advisory team for help in drafting that ambitious Maple New Deal plan that was floated this past weekend, while the rest of the bloodhounds were still sniffing for new details about WeGhazi. Typical of Trudeau, he ignores bullshit with the old family shrug, and just gets down to work on things that actually matter.
Trudeau’s group of core decision makers during the crisis has been small -- consigned primarily to his own staff, plus Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Morneau and their close officials. But that’s beginning to change. Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson and Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna are being more active in devising an infrastructure spending package. Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains is poised to deliver plans on shoring up industries facing long-term damage form the pandemic, as well as measures to help sectors deemed strategic for the nation’s economy. Immigration, daycare and unemployment insurance are among other issues top of mind for the government.
Now, according to John Ivison and other Con mugs in the Twittersphere, it's a sign Trudeau is soon to be out the door, with Carney as finance minister to Chrystia Freeland. Not so according to Bloomberg, which broke the story in the first place, which says nothing about Trudeau's departure, but does place focus on Bill Morneau:
Carney’s involvement comes as Trudeau’s own finance minister, Bill Morneau, appears to be fighting for his political life. Morneau is embroiled in a scandal over a contract to a charity that employs one of his daughters and had paid C$41,000 ($30,700) in travel expenses for his family for trips to Kenya and Ecuador. Though Morneau has repaid the money and apologized, the opposition Conservatives are calling for his resignation.
The article does mention that Carney is often spoken about as a "future" Liberal leader but BNN isn't lighting their hair on fire about a leadership change right right now. Unlike the amateur cable access vloggers of the TV pundit class and the bottom-feeders at the toilet paper dead-tree outlets. Personally, I don't think he'd excite the base the way Trudeau does even in the aftermath of his worst moments. Trudeau is a performance artist on the hustings. The finance guy is untested and, well, kind of smug and boring. Perfect for a finance guy, though.
But the junk journos in Canada, of course, are focused on Trudeau's imminent future rather than Morneau's, because Trudeau's name garners more headlines and clicks for their bankrupt business than Morneau's. The smart money and the smart journalism belongs to Mike Bloomberg, not Conrad Black. Besides, if Carney does run anywhere it'll probably be in the seat belonging to the MP for York-Centre, Michael Levitt, who stepped down to chair a Holocaust museum. Gee, is Skippy going to call the Gestapo on that charity involvement too?

Moreover, per this morning's ARI poll and some other recent ones, the Liberal base is relatively strong and appears to stand behind Trudeau. Some squishy votes are parking with the Bloc and NDP knowing there's no election tomorrow. Carney would become a pariah like Martin were he to become the FM and mount a coup over Trudeau using Stupid Sponsorgate as the catalyst. Much to his detractors' chagrin, Trudeau will leave when he is good and ready, campaigning on the COVID recovery plan while the other idiots campaign on complaints about angels dancing on pinheads or something to that effect. 
Assuming there's no plague election, come next spring or so Trudeau will go around talking about the safety net and climate change, while MacKay will talk about... guns, free markets, the carbon tax, and Crooked Hillary's We-Mails. The NDP will call for revolution and complain that Goldman Sachs is designing the recovery plan, while the Bloc will say something in French that is anything but "rape," "cocaine" and "Hell's Angels." This is why the opposition cooks up scandals: they have nothing to offer on policy and none of the cool kids want to play with them because they pick their noses and don't do their homework.

And hypothetically speaking, if he does decide sooner rather than later that he's had enough of the smearing and the guff and the vile invective aimed at his family, and passes the torch onto someone else, he'll have left that person an ideal blueprint for Canada's future at a crucial time in history. He would have every right to say that he got Canada where it needs to be, and his successor — likely a woman — will get Canada where it needs to go.

But he's not going anywhere yet.
(Update: Ivison with the letdown. Too bad so sad, Blue Grits. Maybe Chrystia for FM.)
As for what else is down the pike... "insider Liberals" say, our lips are sealed.

Hush my darling, don't you cry.

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It's the Pandemic, Stupid


I've written here previously that I'm actually hoping for an election sooner rather than later. It's constitutionally required in the U.S. In Canada... it's relatively up in the air. Kind of like COVID itself.

My hoped-for outcome is obvious. But I'm not alone in forecasting the possibility that it could very well blow up in the opposition's face.

Evan Scrimshaw of Lean Tossup is mad at Trudeau and wants him to quit. However, he still believes that the Liberals going into an election with him as leader would mean a victory. But he has written twice already about why that likelihood paradoxically increases in spite of whatever the pre-writ polls show, if the opposition brings down the government while a second wave of COVID is in the making:

God help the opposition if they push for an election while COVID is hitting a second wave, because that will be, bluntly, a fucking disaster for them. Stupidity and greed are the two vices least respected by Canadians, and the opposition will be crushed for playing politics with people’s health. And if the opposition were to attempt to circumvent that allegation by trying to push for expanded mail voting, it could have the effect of boosting turnout amongst young voters and Indigenous Canadians – which would not help the Tories or the Bloc. Trying to push an election if the Virus isn’t mostly under control will be a problem, which is why I was always skeptical the Liberals would go early (pre-WE).

And I never thought Trudeau would trigger an early election either, because he's not opportunistic and knows it could very well backfire, as it did for David Peterson provincially in Ontario in 1990. He has been very clear that he is listening to the science. The science says this isn't over yet.

But the Conservatives and the Bloc don't give a shit about the pandemic. Thousands attended an anti-mask protest in Montreal. That leaves the NDP, who have continually shown throughout this debacle their willingness to sleep with the enemy. They have no money but I wouldn't put it past them to go for broke.

If they want to go right ahead and do it, Evan says go ahead and roll the dice:

On the prospect of an early election, our view is that the man who wields the knife will never hold the crown when it is all said and done. A pandemic election caused by the opposition will be a disaster for that opposition, and while I would love a chance to call another election correctly this fall, it would be a disgrace for the opposition to drag the voters back to the polls after a year during this period of health uncertainty. Be careful what you wish for.

"The man who wields the knife will never hold the crown when all is said and done." Justin Trudeau knows that. The question is whether his knife-wielding enemies do. Personally, I hope they're just stupid or grubby enough to end up knifing themselves.

I keep referring back to and writing about these snippets to try and shore up fading hope for what this deliberate attack holds for the future of mon premier ministre d'amour. It may seem obsessive but it's cathartic to me. Self-care is important in this pandemic and in a time of social and political strife more generally, especially for someone living under the despotic regime of Donald Trump (and on a personal level, in a Trumpian abusive household myself).

I feel at times like I'm blogging about my favourite TV show where the heroic protagonist is always under siege by his enemies, a sort of West Wing Canadian parliament version. And right now, the lead actor staying in his role for the long term is all I have to hang onto. I don't want him to be replaced or the show to be cancelled.

But of course, it's not a TV show. It's very real, and has very real consequences for the people living there. I'm thinking, however, that a September season premiere out on the hustings could end up being better overall for the good guys in this scenario.

Then if he wants to, and only if he wants to, the romantic lead can choose to continue in his role or take a bow. He has served his audience well and as far as I'm concerned deserves an award.

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Bot and Paid For: A Case Study in Troll Farming


Per my earlier post on the ARI poll regarding the polarization over the Charitygate testimony, a Reddit sleuth has uncovered stats for how torqued coverage yet again affects public perception, and why this is so dangerous to good governance. It basically convicts innocent people in the court of public opinion.

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Split Screen Sadness


I had said in an earlier post that polls are for dogs and can easily be manipulated to reach a certain outcome. That said, it's fascinating nonetheless (if very nerve-wracking) to see what conclusions the juicers are squeezing out.

This latest brouhaha continues to be confusing yet partially revealing in how the pollsters are hashing things out.

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